Sunday, July 16, 2006

Title Change

Yes, as you will have noticed, I have changed the title of this blog. I always have a hard time coming up with titles. I guess that doesn't bode well for me if I were to become an author--except that I hear that publishers often change the title the author has chosen. Anyway...... I have wanted to change this for a while, and hadn't thought of anything I liked. I thought of this the other day, thought it sounded okay, and Anne agreed it was not bad! Hurrah!

The content will remain the same. The blog will still deal with knitting, quilting, spinning, etc. It only seemed fair to mention Meggie and Mickey, since they are always so interested in these pursuits, having a great interest in anything having to do with fiber of any sort!

Just as an interesting tidbit of information, I have often considered changing the name of the other blog, currently listed as Sally's Stuff. Anne came up with a great title months ago---A Tale of Two Kitties. Two days later we saw a preview for the Garfield movie---A Tale of Two Kitties. Drats! She really did think of it before we ever saw/heard anything about the movie.

Nothing fibery done lately, except that I did open the bag with the quilting in it, and found that as I suspected, the last bit of quilting for Michelle hasn't been pinned into its quilt sandwich yet. It is in sandwich form and is sticking together quite nicely. I have to find a large enough empty space to do my pins, and then I can start quilting it. I want to wait till all the quilting is done before I start putting binding on any of them--might as well do all the sewing at one time, or at least have all ready to go at one time.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Slack, Slack, Slack

What can I say? I finished the shawl. I took photos of the shawl. I don't know if I am "allowed" to post them yet, and it still sits here in the house, waiting for Anne to get it ready for the post office. I could do it, I guess, but I don't know if she has other items to go with it? I don't know the address? Not that I fault Anne in the least. She has so much on her plate right now, with all the final bits and dribs being worked out for her to go back to work. The trauma/delight of going back to work--the job isn't great, but it will be nice for her to get out of the house and actually see real people again. Other people to talk to---what a concept! Someone other than doctors and their staff people. What a switch that will be! Add to that she is still suffering from the sinus infection she has been taking antibiotics for. We are contemplating another trip to the doc's--these pills aren't working?

I still haven't finished my bobbins yet. I guess I have been sort of waiting for Anne to go back to work before I really start anything. Not really a good plan, is it? My fingers are starting to itch for crafty projects though, so that is a good thing. Best to wait till I really want to do something, rather than to push it, right?

I am thinking really hard about getting the alpaca fleece out of the plastic bags and into brown paper grocery bags. I have heard/read that this is the best storage material, as moths won't eat the paper (I hadn't known that) but will eat plastic. Wow. I am really going to get that done. I think I want to get some of those great Rubbermaid tubs with cedar worked in, for long term storage of wooly type things. Or maybe it is best to get more regular type ones and just put in some of the little cedar balls, etc? What do you think?

After seeing Anne's blog, and her comments about her new wooly fleecy stuff she got for her latest birthday pressie, I am going to encourage her to go ahead and paper bag the mass of scoured wool sitting on the table in the screened patio. Then she can go ahead and scour the new wool. We have to remember to order the carders I promised her for her birthday, too.

The quilt projects are starting to call a little louder, and I think I will be heeding the call quite soon. So many projects, so little time, and so many fun things to do. I really need more hours in the day, so I can do more of the fun things I love to do.

Take care and wish me luck at actually getting to work on something!