Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wonder of Wonders

First, I am posting on this blog. I know, it has been a long time. There hasn't been much crafty stuff going on. Like, none. That will change, soon.

Second. How many times have I taken part in the FabShopHop? More than I can remember, off the top of my head. How many times have I won anything at it? Even though almost every time I have participated, I have gotten all the bunnies and have been eligible for all the prizes? That is easy---zero times. Never. Nunca. Not at all. Not once.

So, I did start out doing the July hop, found a bunch of bunnies, but finally had to give it a pass. There was too much going on. I couldn't spend enough time on the computer to hunt for all those little bunnies. I called it a day, and figured that was that. Till earlier this week, when I got an email about the prize winner list being up. I figured I would check it out, just for grins. There is always a chance someone I know might have won something. I decided check the Florida section of the list. Wow, there was someone in Melbourne! OH---IT'S ME!!! Can you believe it, I won a $10 gift certificate from The Quilted Dragon! Wow!