Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Future Spinner, Knitter, Crocheter in the Making

We had a fabulous few days in Texas. Neither Anne nor I took any knitting with us. Anne's desire to knit was not to be denied, and she had yarn and needles in hand long before the end of our time there.

I know our lovely Michelle has already been exposed by her mom, but we got photos of exposure while in Texas. First, a photo of Michelle with her mom's crochet hooks.

Next, a photo of our lovely girl touching knitting needles, in use. That has to rub off harder, right?

We had a close call with spinning, and didn't quite make a photo. Jo did some spinning on her drop spindle, and Michelle showed definite interest. I believe there was a hand put out to touch. The digital camera was not fast enough and the moment was lost. Oh well.

Final fiber related photo, our girl in bodily contact with a KnitPicks catalog. I am sure she is doomed/blessed.

Anne has been busy knitting baby hats, some preemie sized and some more new born sized. Some are knit from some neat yarn she got in Texas, and it is interesting to see how much different the yarn pattern knits up with the different sizes.

I am getting geared up to knit Christmas stockings, which have been denied for much too long. I will get them done!

I truly hope to post more regularly on this blog and to actually have knitting/spinning content to write about. It has been too long.