Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Swatching, Still

I am not going to win any speed records with this mystery shawl. Not that I was interested in that anyway---and it is sure a good thing!

My Knit Picks Shadow, in Jewel Heather, arrived in good time. I got one skein of it rolled into a ball and was ready to start. Well, after I made a side trip to Joann's and got some smaller size circulars with longer cords. The smaller sized ones that I had were only 16 inches long and I knew that wasn't going to work.

I really hoped my size 4 needles were going to work, as they are the Knit Picks Options and I love them. They are so nice and sharp! I started a swatch with them, and knit several rows---till I made a mistake that I found I could not fix. I had knit enough that I already realized that size 4 wasn't going to work. Too big a needle for the way I knit.

I started over--another day---with the size 3 circular. The difference was almost immediately apparent and I knew this was the right size needle. I also knew, while knitting the first row, that I needed Knit Picks needles, and I think I had ordered them before I had knit 3 rows. I have sort of gotten used to knitting the swatch with the blunter needles, but it is a chore and makes those decreases much more tricky. I did keep working on the swatch, for the experience. I got to "that" row, I don't remember which number---it is the one with the s1k2togpsso. I got to the end of the row, knit the purl row, and found I was two stitches short. I put it away for a day, then tinked back. I do not yet have enough experience to successfully tink back a row of lace with so many decreases in it--especially with this fine a yarn. Especially with dull, blunt needles. I frogged the swatch, and will try it again after the new needles arrive. I should go ahead and use life lines in the swatch, if I ever want to complete it. I am not sure I really care about completing it now? I can successfully knit the required stitches and have found the right needle size, and those were the main reasons for doing a swatch anyway.

I think any further knitting on this project will have to wait till after the wedding.


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