Friday, January 18, 2008

Secret of the Stole 2

I really needed something else to do, right? Jo mentioned that she had signed up to do this KAL, and it sounded like fun. So, I signed up too! The first part of the directions are up and I am waiting for yarn to arrive.

I had considered using some alpaca cloud that I have, but I saw a scarf that Penny from knitting group is working on, made from alpaca cloud, and it is knitting up fuzzier than the yarn looked like it would knit. So, I will be using Knit Picks Shadow, if it arrives--haha.

I still need to put photos up, I will get to it eventually!

Our knitting group went on what Anne calls a "yarn crawl" on Wednesday. We went to Orlando, to check out a yarn shop, a fabric shop, Joann's and Michaels. We had a good time! We had lunch at a place called Sweet Tomato and I highly recommend it! They have a great selection of fresh foods--they specialize in salads, soups, and pasta. They have a great selection of low fat foods too, so it is a great place to eat healthy.

Well, there will be more later, and I promise I will get photos off the camera and onto the computer so they can be put on the blog!


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