Saturday, March 11, 2006

Oh Dear....

I have been so slack. No knitting started. The fingers are itching a bit, so I guess I will get started soon. There has just been too much going on. There was the fridge, which took up hours of time. Throwing away thawed things from the freezer, perishables from the fridge, carting it all out to the garbage cans in the garage, it all seemed endless. I had to put out both garbage cans, both full, for the garbage pick-up on Friday. Still, it was a really good exercise in clearing out both the freezer and fridge, and getting rid of things that probably should have been gotten rid of ages ago. How is that for the optomist's outlook?

Then there were 3 doc appts for Anne this week. It just worked out that way. At least the eyes are good. You have probably already read on Sally's Stuff that she will have surgery on her wrist in April. She is still recovering from the mono, and the nurse-practitioner has ordered a new ultrasound and new blood work to be done the middle of April, to see how things are going, and will see Anne again in May. She is feeling a little better, but still has a ways to go.

Is it any wonder that I haven't cast on yet? I know, I know, some people do crafty things as destressers. And I get that. I think I just have trouble starting things when there is too much going on. If they were already cast on, that would be fine. I could just knit away and that would be fine. Or, if the bindings were already cut and machine stitched on the little quilted bits for Michelle's room, it would be the same thing, I could sit and do the hand-stitching to finish them up. But, the fabric for the bindings still sits on the ironing board, in the dining room, mocking me. It is much easier to just pick up a book and read, and that is what I have been doing. Oh well!

I have moved beyond inertia, however, and ordered a drop spindle earlier this week! Hurrah! I can hardly wait till it comes! Anne has been spinning, and keeps improving. Her good spinning friend tells her to enjoy these days of thicker spun yarn, as it will be harder to achieve once she is in the groove and her yarn is thinner. She has been working on the un-dyed rovings that came this week, and her yarn is looking nice! She has kindly offered me the use of her spindle, to give it a try. More than once. I really don't want to mess up her spinning though. I am not quite ready to give it a try yet. I really want to read the spinning book I ordered from Amazon, which should arrive next week. I like to read first and know what I am getting into before I actually try it. I know, there are plenty of places online to read about it. And I probably will check them out. But I also like something that I can sit in my chair and read, can easily refer to when I am trying it out, etc. I think I will have a couple of weeks at least before the spindle comes, so there will be plenty of time to read up on it before I am able to give it a try.

Maybe those little socks will get cast on and knit soon after all!


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