Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New Sock Started!

I am still in sock knitting mode, as I said I would continue to work on socks while the Olympics are still going on...and for a long time after that, I am sure! But, these are the orphan socks, with the bright yellow wool, that will be worked on during the Olympics and till the yarn is about done, I guess?

Since I had finished my Olympic knitting socks, and I wanted to knit during Anne's pt, I checked online for a more specific child's sock pattern. I found one that looked cute, just a plain sock, but definitely for kids--in 3 sizes. I gathered up needles, yarn, and off we went.

I started off with dpns, and did several rows with them. However....I was constantly nervous that the needles would fall out. The sock requires a cast on of only 32 stitches, and even spread between just 3 dpns, that isn't a huge number. It all felt so tiny and also so prickly, with so little knitting and so many pointy ends sticking out! So, after a few rows, I switched to the circulars. I do feel I will be able to master dpns, which is a good thing, as I do plan to make socks some day using sock weight yarn! But, for this sock, I think, the circulars are working best. I am getting to play with a new method, as this sock pattern has the short row heel, with wrapped stitches. I just about had the heel finished last night, but had to rip it out, as the directions weren't as complete as I needed, as a knitter new to wrapped stitches. Oh well! I at least understand the whys and wherefores of wrapped stitches now (I think!!) and am ready to give it another go today!

So, here is what I have so far. The dpn in the top side is my safely line, that I inserted before ripping the heel.

As you can see, this pair of socks will be much smaller than the other pair!


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