Monday, February 20, 2006

Sunday's Knitting!

Here is Sock Two at the end of day, Sunday. All the gusset and heel shaping are done! The picking up of stitches on the heel flap went well again. The design is really simple and easy to follow. It sure helps for a first time sock knitter! All the decreases are done, and I am ready to knit the foot. My only decision to make is whether to continue with the dpns or to switch back to the circulars. I am thinking the circulars at this point, mostly because that is what I did with Sock One. I am trying to keep them as similar/identical as possible!

I am looking forward to learning more ways of doing toes and heels, and finding a sock that I especially like for me. I imagine we will have a quiet day today, with plenty of time for knitting! Mike is home for President's Day, and we have no plans, no errands to run, etc. The washing machine is calling my name though, so I won't have uninterupted knitting. It is cloudy out today too, so no sunshine to try to draw me outside. Just as well! Happy knitting!


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