Monday, February 13, 2006

Sunday's Knitting

Here is the sock at the end of Sunday. I started out the day's knitting by threading a dpn through to catch the stitches at the "guesstimated" row of knitting, to correct the overly long heel flap. I always find it a little bit more challenging to pick up the stitches when it is not straight knitting, and this had alternate knit and slipped stitches. But, I figured that in any case, it would be close enough to be able to fix. I was lucky and got all the stitches just right, whew!!! I then ripped. Don't you just hate it? I re-knit the heel turn, and it was just fine. The heel looks a good length now, etc. Success!

The process of picking up the stitches along the heel flap went fine. I did that with a dpn, for ease of operation, and then figured that it would be easier, with the decrease directions, to just stay on dpns for a while. Which I did. Once that was all done and it was straight knitting again, I decided that I would go back to the 2 circulars---as I didn't feel that I was maintaining good enough tension between the dpns. I made some more progress on that last night, as seen in the photos!

I took my sock with me to the doc's this morning. I arrived way early, as I was worried about early morning traffic at the base. I knit in the car for a while, knit inside for a while before signing in, knit while waiting for the doc to come! It didn't add up to a lot of time, but I got a few more rows done!


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