Friday, February 03, 2006

A Decision at Last!

So, the great debate has been which sock pattern to use, which yarn to use, etc, for the first pair of socks---or actually first sock, unless there is time for a second sock! I have read, researched, pondered, mused, etc, and was still having a time of it deciding.

Then, I visited sockbug and looked around there. I was intrigued by the lesson for knitting two socks at the same time, on 2 circulars. That would be neat! And, the more I thought of it, I liked the suggestion made there, that unwanted socks could be donated to CIC, as long as they were made of yarn that is at least 75% wool. The directions are for a medium sized child, by the way. I figured that might be a good way to go, a little bit smaller sock, a good way to get an introduction to knitting socks, and one in which I wouldn't care as much which pattern was used, and it would do something nice for child somewhere. Anne offered yellow wool yarn, which she was willing to part with, and so my project is decided! I have read through the lessons, and have to wonder if I will ever be able to "get" it. But, I am sure that it is very much one of those things, that as long as you have the knitting in front of you while reading it, it makes much more sense! I sure hope so, anyway! And, if not, I know Jo will be willing to give me support and instruction as needed!

I am so glad to have all this sorted out, and now just have to do the swatching thing, and I will be ready to go! Hurrah!

And, before I go, have you seen the latest numbers for the Knitting Olympics? Over 2500!!!!! Isn't that wild! We outnumber the real athletes now.


At 10:16 AM, Blogger Joanna said...

CIC is a very worth cause, I try to do some socks for them .... visit Marguerite she has some very good pattern too for children's socks, if you run out of ideas!


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