Wednesday, December 14, 2005

An Interlude of Laughter

Okay, we take a break from our regularly scheduled descriptions of bouts of knitting, etc, to bring you a hilarious posting from our beloved Yarn Harlot!

  • Yarn Harlot

  • (Edited to add: My apologies. My mentor has gone to bed, and so I am unable to fix what I have messed up. I tried to get fancy. The link to the Yarn Harlot's blog actually used to work. However, it was in a very light color. I got the bright idea of trying to fix it by myself. I changed some colors, but it seems not the one I was interested in! To make matters worse, I can no longer get the link to work, despite all my best efforts. So, it will have to wait till another time. I guess we all still know how to copy and paste, so it can still work. I am so embarrassed!)

    (Edit 2: Okay, I came up with a partial solution, and the link works. I am not as hopeless as I had begun to think I was! Hurrah!)

    Anne came into the computer room to visit, and I had "tuned in" to see what the harlot had blogged about this time. Towards the end, we hit the funniest bit, and after 10 minutes of trying to laugh as quietly as possible, so as not to wake Mike, in bed on the other side of the house, and laughing further after hearing the sound of Anne spitting her mouth-full of pop back into her cup---a good 10 minutes passed before we were finally able to speak without bursting into laughter once more!

    I did work on the baby blankey again today, as Anne made it back to pt today. Although, we arrived, Steve found that she still isn't totally over her bug, and he asked "why are you here?" He took it easy on her, and he decreed it is best for her to miss the appt they made for her for Thursday (they did that in an effort to maintain that 3 times a week deal). So, we have a free day tomorrow for her to work on getting better and get rested up, and I can continue doing the things I have been doing the past few days!

    Oh, back to the blanket. I am making good progress on the blue stripe, and it will soon be ready to start on white again. Since that is the case, I will be sure to measure and knit as needed to get the white going before Anne goes back to pt on Friday.


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