Saturday, December 10, 2005

Blankey Continues Yet Again

Well, I am several inches into the blue section now. When last I wrote, I had done one row of the blue to get it started, so it would be ready to go for pt. I have worked on the blue during the Wednesday and Friday pt sessions, and am making good progress. Since this section is much bigger (twice as big!) as the other sections, I am not working on it at home. I get a lot of comments and questions on it at pt. It is rather amazing the number of men who ask about it. One thinks it would drive him crazy to try to do it. One asked I was doing "knit one, purl one or knit one, purl two!" I guess that says something that guys even know those phrases?

A couple of people today were talking about it, and mentioning how neat it is to see it getting bigger and bigger each time Anne and I are in there. I figure in the long run, it is good therapy for everyone! I enjoy the knitting, and talking to people, and they are enjoying watching, talking about it, and it gives them a bit of distraction! I think just about all the staff--including the big boss---and most of the patients, have asked what I am knitting. Who would have thought so many would be interested?

Anne made a really cute dishcloth/washcloth today. It has an animal on it, I won't tell which, since she might blog about it herself later? She did have a good idea, she said there are patterns with other animals too, and it would be cute to do them in a different kind of yarn and make a baby blanket with them. I agree! It would really be awfully cute!

I hope to have more time for knitting and quilting before too long. I really don't like to take time from the things that have to be done right now though---shopping to be finished, boxes to be mailed, presents to be wrapped, Christmas cards to be addressed and sent, sun room to be rearranged, elusive item to be found for Anne, etc. I do hope to have it all done and the tree up in plenty of time to be able to relax a little bit before Christmas! I know in any case that even if that is not the case, that week after Christmas is usually a really good one for vegetating with good books, knitting, tv, etc! Hurrah!


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