Monday, November 21, 2005

Idle Needles

In the interest of adding something to this, I decided to blog with what I have been reading. I can't always knit or quilt, can I???? I know some people would give a resounding "YES!!!!" to that question. I think breaks between projects are good though!

Last week I was busy catching up on newspapers, from the week of Anne's surgery and the week after, when she was in the hospital. I am still keeping busy enough that I don't generally take the time to read for pleasure during the day, for the most part. I somehow don't consider reading the paper to be reading for pleasure. Go figure?

I do read at night before bed, and that does help to satisfy the reading urge. Somewhat. Enough to get by. Ha ha ha ha!

So, what have I been reading? The current night reading book is Colin Dexter's Last Seen Wearing. You may remember that Colin Dexter writes the Inspector Morse mysteries. Before I started this, I had been reading Orson Scott Card, and, in fact, I have one of his in progress too. It is for the odd moment when I have a chance to read something during the day!!!!! I don't remember the title right off. I have also barely scratched the surface of a book on Osteopenia, which is something that Anne already has at the tender age of 24. I have read enough of the book to know that this isn't as uncommon as we might think. Add that she suffers from lactose intolerance, and her body type puts her at huge risk too, and it isn't a surprise.

Next posting, I will actually show some knitting or quilting! What a concept!


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