Tuesday, November 22, 2005


So, this is the first knitting project that I started, after years of not knitting, and the second knitting project completed. It went well, was easy to do, and is useful too. Can't lose, eh?

It is done in cotton, and is a diamond pattern, although I don't think the pattern shows up very well in the photo.

I have some little quilting projects that are on the back burner, that need to be finished They were started before the knitting projects were. They were meant to be done for Baby Michelle, before I went to Germany for her birth. That didn't quite work out. I will have to get them back out and finished, and will showcase them here soon, I hope! I did get an Ott-type light at Joann's today, and so there is a much more realistic chance that I will get back to work on the quilting projects too, as I just didn't have enough light before. Now I won't have that problem and my eyes will be happy!


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