Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Blankey Continues

I am still working on the PT/Blankey Brigade blanket. I am doing it in 5 inch wide stripes, using the red, white and blue as mentioned before. I can't get the whole 5 inches done at a pt session--I guess things are too distracting there? As usual, I finished off the white at home last night, and I went ahead and did one row of the blue so it is already started and ready to go.

I did find, in finishing the white stripe, that a yarn cake from Anne's ball winder is just the right amount for one of these 5 inch stripes. I had just a little bit of yarn left when I finished the stripe. Always a good thing to know! The skeins of red and white are huge, so it is handy to have a cake wound and take that instead of the big skein.

I haven't gotten any other work done at home as far as knitting or quilting goes. The sun room has been keeping me busy, and the impending Christmas time has too. I remind myself that it will all (both!) be done eventually and I will have much more time to work on things!


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