Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Knitting at Physical Therapy

I am briefly skipping over the next completed project, since I don't have a photo yet!

I don't remember if I mentioned the cotton dishcloth I started, that I had thought I would take along to physical therapy to work on. I changed my mind about that, as the yarn seems to be excessively dyed, and residue is left on my fingers when I work on it. So, I decided that a better project would be the baby blanket I had started knitting ages ago for the Blankey Brigade. It got put aside for Anne's blankey, and the Pooh costume, etc. I have now taken to it pt twice, and it is coming along nicely. It is just a simple stockinette, with a border of garter stitch. It will be striped, red, white, blue, white, and red again. It makes a great project to take along, as it is so simple to work on and no pattern to deal with. I am doing it on circular needles, because of the width.

The Christmas stockings for Christine and Michelle will wait till next year. I didn't want to mail them and especially not overseas, just in case they should get lost in the mail. It would be too heartbreaking. They both have stockings to use till they come back this spring, so they won't be stockingless at Christmas! It should be a lot of fun to knit them!


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