Monday, January 30, 2006

Yarn, Yarn and More Yarn

Well, maybe not really! But, my yarn choices have arrived, and Anne has wound two skeins of it for me. Very pretty! I have two more that she can do up when she is in the mood. I still have to decide on a pattern, and try out the sock tube gauge deal. I think Jo's suggestion is perfect, and I will definitely have to try it out. I also have been on a bit of a non-knitting jag. I think I will definitely get over it for the Knitting Olympics. I think it is wild that there are now over 2000 knitters on the list, and more still being added!

I am sure there was something more I was going to write about. Oh yes! Jo's comments about the things going on at the park that she will be volunteering at! The sheep, but more specifically the lambs, were adorable! See her blog if you haven't already! The Floats, Knits and Purls one! I am fighting to maintain a disinterest in spinning, despite having wanted to learn for years and years. It gets hard, especially when I hear/read about it so much now! Maybe once my life settles down a little bit more, the boxes are unpacked---yes they will be! Really! The day will come that there will not be a box of stuff left in the house, and anything that is boxed will be nicely packed and labelled and stored over the garage! So there! Ha ha.

Oh well, it is something for the future, in any case! I sure don't dare let Anne get sucked into spinning! Although, she does go into these things whole-heartedly, and I am sure she would excel at it, as she does most everything she tries!


At 12:30 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

Ah yes, there is definitely a siren sound of spinning calling to me too. I have contacted the Spinning quild here, and also their Knitting group. The quild for spinning meets monthly, and the knitters meet weekly. They both sound interesting and apparently are very active. I am like you in being reluctant, can I afford another hobby? Both time and money ???? ..... But isn't it cheaper to spin your own yarn? (I keep asking myself that ...) LOL

At 12:26 PM, Blogger Sally said...

I think it depends a lot on what kind of yarn you currently buy as to whether it is cheaper to spin your own! A number of the quilt shops online (!) sell rovings, and there is one shop I really like, Over the Rainbow--the people have a farm and raise alpaca, etc. You can buy rovings from them too. I imagine I will get sucked into it eventually, if only so I know how to do it. I might not even like doing it??? Is that possible? I am sure that some people don't, but not sure I will be among their number. Oh well, it is down the road and lots of bridges to cross with Anne before thinking of adding something new!


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