Saturday, December 17, 2005

Blue, Blue, Blue

I won't say I am blue! That is the color of the large---double-sized---stripe on the blankey brigade blanket, and that stripe is done! I did take it along to pt on Friday and worked on it till a quick rough measure (fold in half, is the blue as wide as the white and red together? Yes, then stop!) showed that it was surely 10 inches long. I will have to be sure to officially measure it and do a row of white so it will be ready for pt on Monday.

I did think about working on it for a little while today, but decided not to. I know that it will get done next week, at pt. Might as well go with that, finish it there, and let those interested see it finished there.

I really need to get back to that dishcloth, the one with the evidently overly dyed yarn, and get it finished. I have been a bit headachy though, and the dye/chemical smell bugs me enough not to want to work on it when I am already headachy. If need be, I guess I could always give it all a quick wash in the sink and let it air dry? Still, a nuisance that I would rather avoid!

I still have to photograph the second dishcloth/next item completed. I really will get that done and show it eventually! And I still have Pooh Bear quilting to do, that I truly kind of forgot about in the midst of all that has been going on. I really do have to get my act together.


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