Saturday, January 07, 2006

Yarn, Yarn, All Over The Place!

Anne and I finally made a trip to the base on Thursday for the first time in ages. Our timing was good, as it was the BX's last day of a sale on Rubbermaid storage containers!

Anne has quite a collection of yarn in her room, in bags, in a stacked storage cube thing, here and there. She mentioned that she was having trouble with her eyes itching whenever she was in her room. She does test as allergic to dust mites, and we figured yarn in the wild has to be a good dust collector. So, the plan was to corral the yarn into storage containers!

Now, you see why our trip to the base was such good timing! We got a number of the latch-top type containers, in three different sizes. The yarn is now corraled, and is no longer out where it can collect dust mites! Hurrah! Her room is also a bit tidier, but that is just a side effect--haha. It is amazing how much yarn will fit into these containers--that natural yarn "squishiness" really comes in handy! Next on the to-do list will be to get her closet into more "organizationally friendly" mode. It would sure make her room more "user friendly" to say the least.

I don't remember now if I had mentioned that I finished the hat at pt the other day and have started another one? The newest one is smaller, same pattern but my own modifications. We will see how it goes. Pix will really be coming eventually!


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