Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blanket Done, Hat Started

Well, the blanket is done (bound off at pt on Friday, 23 Dec!), except for working in the ends and taking a photo. I really will have to do that! Everyone at pt asked about it on Tuesday! It is still very strange to have so many men asking about my knitting projects.

Anne wisely suggested I make "Steph, the Yarn Harlot's" hat for my next project. It is her quick and easy last minute gift hat pattern, as featured on her blog. It is just a K2,P2 pattern, with the appropriate decreases at the appropriate times, so very easy to do while out of the house. I am using the navy yarn from the blanket project, and size 8 needles. I might add a single stripe in it, of red, or white, or maybe the red,white and blue variegated yarn we have? It will go into Anne's stash of give-away hats when it is completed.

I am thinking about trying a pair of socks sometime. So many people seem to love knitting them. They are so portable, too! And, since I now know that I can handle the required dpn's, that isn't a factor. I guess time will tell!

Next time, a photo of the totally completed (ends woven in) blanket!


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