Saturday, February 18, 2006

Friday's Knitting, Sock Goes to the Beach!

Anne and Sock Two go to the beach

End of day Friday

Sock Two is coming along nicely. I didn't do much knitting during the day, as I was finishing up a book I was very much engrossed in. No, this is not the equivalent of that silly girl in the snowboarding cross competition, who grabbed her board, fell, and lost the gold, getting silver instead! Sock One is done, all else is bonus for the orphans! Woman does not live by knitting alone, although it might be almost possible!

Anyway.....Anne felt the urge to visit the beach, and I was happy to take her. We hadn't been to the beach in ages, and it is always so pleasant there! Sock Two decided she wanted to come too, being an adventurous soul (sole?). Sock was knitted on at the beach, and it was a pleasant experience, too! Anne kindly held Sock for a commemorative photo at the beach, even though the sun was right in her eyes.

The knitting is going well. The second sock is easier, although the first was pretty darn easy. The pattern is good and easy, so that is a help. It is sure nothing like the intricate pattern that Jo is knitting!

My plans for the day include catching up on 6 days of newspapers---just the good bits, the weekly sections, and the funnies (!)--- exercise, and, knitting! I expect to finish the leg part today, and perhaps complete the heel flap? Check in tomorrow for photos of Sock in her newest stage!


At 4:29 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

Oh that sun looks nice and warm - I won't show Eric!

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