Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tuesday's Knitting, Driving Anne Nuts

Note: I have twisted the sock so that the needles lay flat!

I took the knitting along with me to PT on Tuesday and knit till I measured 6 inches on the foot section (from the heel ridge), knit a few more rows and stopped so as not to go too far. I didn't want to get into the toe decreases there.

That evening, when I finally got back to knitting, I found that I had actually hit it spot on, as the directions called for that measurement to be 6.5 inches. I went back to the dpns, since the directions for the decreases were written for them, and it was just easier to deal with!

The sock is virtually done, I just have to graft the toe closed. I did give it a try last night, but the directions in one of Anne's sock books were not the greatest and I couldn't quite get my brain around it. Fortunately, I was able to undo what I did try to do, and recaptured my stitches! I do see/understand how to do it, but couldn't quite get it to work in real life. But, I figured I was tired, there were shows I wanted to watch on TV, etc, so I would let it percolate in my brain and do it on Wednesday.

So, today, Wednesday, I have spent some time looking at all the sock books, reading other blurbs about grafting (Kitchners), different ways to do toes (I was actually wondering if one of the books might say something about that figure 8 cast on I have mentioned before---no, they don't). But, I did find another toe method that looks comfortable, the author/knitter calls it a round toe, and it is decreased to the point that you can just run your yarn through the loops and tie it off. The look is quite aesthetically pleasing, and I might have to try it soon!

I did consider going ahead and casting on sock number two last night, but gave it a pass. Although my Olympic challenge was just my first sock, the orphan will, of course, need two. I plan to go ahead and keep knitting socks for the duration of the Olympics, and will see how many I can do. I think I got really lucky with the pattern I used ---- Terri Lee Royea's "Super Simple Knitwit Sock Pattern", and using a thicker yarn for warmer socks, instead of sock weight yarn.

By the way..... the yarn is Nature Spun, 100% wool, spun and dyed by Brown Sheep Company, Inc. The color is #305, Impasse Yellow. Anne got it in a trade, I think? She got two skeins of this, and 4 of a lighter yellow that she really loves, and is a lovely color too!


At 2:52 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

Which directions for the fiqure 8 cast on are you looking at? One of the needles will always have the stitches mounted backwards, so you have to look at the two needles and name sure you knit through the back loops of the one needle. Do not pull anything tight until you have worked 3 or four rounds, and everything is stable, and start tightening up where the cast on originates, not the long tail you have loose. Also be sure you do not split any stitch or you won't be able to tighten it up.

Have you seen the Kitchener Photos from Queen Kahuna, Crazy Toes and Heels ? I can send you a PDF if you don't find it. I am sure it is still online though. Yep here it is kitchenerstitch_socktoes.pdf

At 10:11 AM, Blogger Sally said...

Humm, the ones online on one of the sock sites you sent me. As soon as I did any stitch at all, the first loop on the other needle would disappear. I tried your uhr (?) to queenkahuna, it wouldn't show, but gave a link to the home page. I will have to go to mozilla to see any of the directions, aol doesn't like to let me see things sometimes. Something for later.


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