Sunday, February 19, 2006

Saturday's Knitting, Heel is Turned!

Sock Two is coming along! I finished the leg, did the heel flap, and have turned the heel. Thanks to the comments I jotted down while doing Sock One, I was able to avoid the too-long-heel-flap this time around. It makes like easier not to have to frog!

I did get through the newspapers yesterday and watched some of the Olympics--some out-right, some while knitting! I talked to Brian on IM yesterday, they are all well.

Well, today's knitting includes picking up the stitches for the gusset, and getting to work on the foot. This part all seems to go much faster, I think. Tune in tomorrow for more exciting news on Sock's progress!


At 6:46 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

Way to go, at this rate you will finish before me .... I only knit 2 repeats today on one sock. We may have snow tomorrow .... but only one TV station seems to think so. Go figure! A dusting they say .... we will see. High of 31!

At 7:53 PM, Blogger Sally said...

Yikes! I hate those highs that are below freezing! At least you can stay in---and/or Eric can, which is more to the point, since he doesn't like the snow?----and do fun, relaxing things! My sock is way so much easier, it would never be a fair race. I'm just glad we are both doing well in our Olympic endeavors!


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