Friday, February 24, 2006

Poor Little Heel

It has felt like an exercise in futility. After practicing on the sample knitting, as mentioned, I thought I had a good handle on the wrapped stitches, and hence the short row heel. I blithely took the little sock to pt yesterday. I knit the heel. Yuck! I ripped it out, and reknit it. Yuck. I stuck it in my bag, determined to get it to work when I got home. It didn't come back out of the bag till evening, and I thought it was all going to work. I had read online, I finally had the wraps well under control, remembering which way to pick the loop up on each side of the heel---it seems to be different on each side, you know! I picked up extra stitches between the heel section and the front section, to avoid holes. And I still got holes. This side is the worse. Sorry, the photo is out of focus, as you will see when you click to enlarge it. But the hole shows up nicely!

Here is a shot of the other side. It is better focused! You might actually be able to notice the relatively neat and tidy line formed by the short row method. However, there is a small hole on this side too. It isn't as big or as noticeable (except in the photo) as the one on the other side. Still, it is there.

So, I will now choose a new heel to do, and replace this one. I still want to do a short row heel, especially since I will want it for my socks. I plan to check online and try out the different short row heel patterns, to find one that will actually work for me. On the plus side, the directions all make so much more sense to me now, since I have mastered wrapping stitches, and am getting the hang of knitting them. Once I find one I like, I will just replace this little heel with the new one, and all will be good!

On the rest of the sock front....I took the Olympic socks to pt with me again, as the gal who asked me about them last week hadn't stopped by to see them on Tuesday. Chris, one of the therapists, did see them on Tuesday and really liked them. The gal stopped by yesterday and asked about them, so I pulled them out. She loved them, and Shauna came over to see them too. Chris came over and mentioned that he had already seen them! They were a big hit. Nice to have one's work appreciated!


At 1:01 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

It is so nice to have comments and praise for one's work!

About the SR Heel. In the pattern you are using, did you do any increases on the sole side of the sock prior to beginning the heel? Say you have 60 total stitches, you increase on either side for about 1/2 - 1 inch every other row until 2 needles each have 19 or 20 stitches, then work the SR heel on the bigger number, finish the heel, then decrease away the extra stitches. I also always take the top 2 needles (the instep) out and replace them with a ribbon when I go to work the heel (any kind of heel) this reduces the stress at the join and you may elimate your hole that way.

I will look for the SR pattern I have used the most that has the increase instructions on it.

At 2:30 PM, Blogger Sally said...

nope, it does have any increases. I have done a lot of looking online, most especially from that toes and heels site, and there are two different methods I want to try out, one that uses yarn overs instead of wraps, and a Japanese short row method, which also does not use wraps. Some gal Nona, at Nona Knits, did a trial and comparison of all three methods, and the Japanese one is actually much smoother, etc, and the wrap one is the bumpiest. I really do think part of the problem has been the pattern, but it very well could just be me. I think I could survive quite nicely without wraps though, so plan to try out these other ways of doing the short rows, as I really like the looks of a short row heel! Thanks for all your suggestions and help, I appreciate it!!!!!

At 2:31 PM, Blogger Sally said...

doesn't, I mean, no increases


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