Thursday, February 23, 2006

Working on Heels

That sounds funny, doesn't it? Yesterday, I decided to work on the short row heel on a different sample, rather than risk having to rip out the little kid sock heel once again. With Anne's approval (since she started it up), I went to work on the sample that she had started using the 2 circular needle method of working in the round. It was all in ribbing, so I knit 3 rows or so of straight knitting, then started the heel. I feel like I have a much better understanding of wrapped stitches and how to work with them now. Although, I did go into it all with it pretty well understood, in my head! The first half of the heel went really well, but the second half was a little puzzling, with re-wrapping, and the directions seem to have led me to continue on too long, perhaps, as then when it was all finally joined with the other part of the sock, there were gaps on both sides at the join--just at the top/last knitted row. However, all the wrapped area/short row stuff, looked fine, no holes. I was careful to pull the yarn nice and snug at the places were there were gaps, which is part of what leads me to think that I did a row or two too much on the heel section. I understand the urge to keep the patterns from being too long, and condensing information, but when it already prints out to 4 pages, and there is just a little bit of information on page 4, why not take the time to write out more detailed instructions for the heel? I know that experienced sock knitters, those who are pros at the short row heel, won't need that extra info, but those of us new to the technique could sure use more detail!

Enough of that! I never did get back to the yellow little kid sock yesterday, as I was busy (haha, did laundry, read while the washer was washing and the dryer was drying, etc) until evening, and so only worked on the heel on the knitting sample. Today will be the day to conquer the short row heel, and maybe finish the sock, since it is so little! Anne has pt today, so I have prime knitting time with very little distraction. Tune in tomorrow for a photo of the yellow little kid sock--maybe he will be done and his partner started?

Added to note: Isn't Google wonderful? I did a google search on short row heels and got tons to look at. I have only looked at a bit of it, so far, but already feel I know a lot more than I did. The first site I went to was a treasure trove of knitting how-tos. Here is a link:
  • Toes and Heels

  • Tons of info! I looked at several of the methods, and with the bit of knowledge I had already gathered, it all makes sense. I think I will be able to complete the heel as written in the directions I have now, and then for later socks I can play with different techniques, etc. There are some toe methods that look really interesting too!


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