Sunday, March 05, 2006

As Promised

I was taking pix anyway, so I got out the things I knit while Anne was doing physical therapy after her surgery. The ends aren't woven in yet on the blanket, and I forgot that I hadn't finished up the one little hat (solid navy) yet. The knitting is all done, although the final stitches are still on the needle. It has to be sewn up the back and the top closed. So, almost done. The bigger hat is a slightly modified version of the quick hat that the Yarn Harlot had on her blog before Christmas. It is made long enough to cuff, which I did--cuff it, that is! The smaller hat is an even more modified and smaller version of the same pattern. I will take another photo when it is totally done!

No new knitting going on, although I feel some coming on soon. I am debating whether I should press on with the socks, try out some of Grandma's slippers, or work on some fingerless handwarmer mitts, as CIC has a challenge going on and they hope to have 150 pairs by sometime in April.

I do have something fun to write about though! Tiny, tiny circulars! Size 1 (US), 12 inch! Cute as the dickens! I worried about how short they looked when I first took them out of their envelopes, till I remembered I would be doing the 2 circular method! In any case, now I know I will be able to knit socks, with sock yarn, without fear of ladders or loose stitches at the junctions from dpns. (Not that I have left ladders, etc, but I do really like the 2 circular method better than the dpns!) Hurrah! I think they show up better on the table so I photographed them there. Be sure to click on the photos so you can see the enlarged versions!

I guess I should have put something to show the size, but I didn't think of it. They are 12 inches (total length), so that will give you some idea! I think they will be really fun to knit with.


At 1:14 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

Oh I am jealous! Sock Sock Sock - no excused now! They are calling you. PS - did you steal the missing red roving?

At 12:24 PM, Blogger Sally said...

I am getting closer to casting on those socks, but really would like to do more of the CIC socks first. We will see. The needles are lovely, and I want more in other little sizes! I found one place that sells them in size 000? Wow! No, I didn't take Anne's red rovings! I don't have a spindle yet (hahaha). Anne did offer the use of hers but I think it best to each have our own! She did find her missing rovings, by the way, under stuff on the sofa.


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