Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Two Little Un-paired Socks

Here they are, Sock One and Sock Two. Oh dear, that sounds like something from Dr. Seuss! I guess they could be called Rib One and Rib Two! I will be taking just a very small break from knitting, since I don't totally live and breath knitting --gasp!--and since there is the jury duty thing this week. But, once things calm down again, I will get the mates to Sock One and Sock Two knit. I really like the little socks, they are cute, quick to knit, even fun! Who would have thought? I am so glad that Stephanie proposed the Knitting Olympics and that Anne and Jo gently talked me into joining in! Having knit 4 socks now, I really don't understand what all the sock fuss is about. Although I did suffer from the same fear of socks that so many knitters also seem to have. I think anyone who tried and failed to knit a sock just chose the wrong pattern. I can understand why some people might not enjoy knitting socks, but I no longer worry that they are hard to knit. (Of course not, since I have knit 4 of them now!) It will be nice to have cute little socks on needles, in progress and always ready and willing to be picked up and worked on as time and inclination allows.

There is the side benefit that I will feel up to the challenge of knitting the Christmas stockings for Christine and Michelle, that I have slackly put off for so long. That will be my next big project, to get those knit and have them ready for this Christmas! I am just so glad that Christine has been so understanding about the delay--what with the retirement, the big move, hurricanes, pituitary tumors, etc. Heavens, what a strange 2-3 years we have had.


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