Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's On Its Way!

My spindle has been shipped! I got the email about it today. Hurrah! It will be fun to try it out. Now, if the book will just arrive before the spindle, or the same day, or not long after, if it has to be that late!

I looked at the hand spinning on a spindle videos on the Joy of Handspinning site click here, and she makes it look so easy. I know it won't be that easy, but it was good to see the videos. I am sure I will be checking them again before actually trying any spinning. By the way, if you go to the site, read about the gal who does it. Really awesome.

I am catching up on newspapers today, and doing some laundry, so no casting on yet. Maybe later? This looks like a really bad week for television, so I do have a feeling that I really will get back to the knitting!

Go see Jo's sock if you haven't already, the link is in the side bar! So cute!


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