Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Gentle Teaser.....

No, this isn't my stuff--it is Anne's latest ball of singles and the rovings she ordered---I get a share of them of course!!!! The hunk of darker red rovings in the front is the sole unspun remainder of the rovings her friend sent her. This is the hunk of roving that went walk-about, that she finally found hidden on the sofa! And the only reason you don't also see her spindle is....I couldn't find it! It normally lives in the family room, in a box that the "rovings from her friend" lived in. Hunk of roving in box, spindle not. I checked under her stash of stuff on the sofa, I looked on the floor, I looked under the bags of rovings pictured above. Could I find her spindle? No! Surely she isn't hiding it from me? She did offer to let me use it, and I did assure her I would wait. All I wanted was to photograph it. Maybe she has hidden it in her bed, to protect it? Just in case I have changed my mind, now that my book has arrived? I will have to wait till she is up to get the answers to this and other life altering questions!

Oh, would you like another, closer photo, of the lovely rovings? Yes? Okay, here we go!

Pretty, no? I hope my spindle arrives today!! I am thinking of re-reading the book, and maybe giving the "spinning with just the hand" a try. Just to try it out. We will see........ Check back here, I will keep you posted!


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