Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Book Arrived!!!!

Yes folks, the book arrived before the spindle! Hurrah! I have read it cover to cover, not that it is a huge feat, as the book has only 32 pages. But, they are packed full of info on dealing with fleece--washing, carding, etc, but most importantly, all the important bits about spinning! I can even do some beginning stuff now if I want, as she first shows how to spin using just your hands and the rovings, and then with a hooked stick (made with wire hanger!). We will see. Oh, by the way, the title of the book? It is Spin It, Making Yarn from Scratch by Lee Raven. Packed full of information! I am sure I will read it again and again before actually trying anything. Now the spindle can come, and I will be really happy! haha. Once I do get started, I will try to record my experiences and progress here, as I did with the Olympic socks.

Well, I had best go, as the bug guy is due any time now, and I don't want to miss the knocking at the door! More later!


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