Thursday, June 01, 2006


Yes folks, we are blocking! We are home today. I know Anne would have loved to get out of the house, but we do have to go out tomorrow (her Dr. appt, final one with Greenspoon --actually Glatter the PA, but...). I was sort of on a roll with getting stuff done here at the house, and really needed a day of rest (haha, is it rest when you spend most of the day catching up on things?). We really didn't have a need to go out, and with gas prices the way they are now, sometimes not needing to go out is a good reason not to, right?

Anyway, after putting a load of wash in very first thing this morning (BEFORE COFFEE!), spending hours on the computer, doing more laundry, etc., I suggested to Anne that maybe we should go ahead and block the three projects waiting to be blocked. She agreed, thank goodness, and we got to it. I decided it would be just as easy to put a comforter on my bed and block on that. There is a fan overhead, to help with quick drying, and all would be well. I think it took us a good 45 minutes to get the items pinned, even with the great job Anne did on putting lines in. Oh well. Blocking wires are seeming more and more attractive. I guess they will move right on up the list of good things to buy.

Anyway, I then gave them all a good misting of water to thoroughly dampen them, and they are doing their thing. It wasn't nearly as tedious as it could have been, so I am happy! I will be glad to get my knitting project finished--it still has to have a ruffled edging added. Should be really cute when it is done.

On the spinning front, am checking info prior to buying more bobbins for the spinning wheel. Then we can both spin and not get in each other's way--as long as we don't want to spin at the same time--haha! Also, have ordered a stretchy drive belt, and a niddy noddy. Anne especially has sorely missed not having one. We also have a box of about 3 pounds of alpaca fleece on its way to us! Hurrah! One of my favorite quilt shops, in Washington State, is owned by a family that also runs a farm with alpaca, and Saturday was shearing day. I know Anne and I will have fun with the fleece!

Will post photos of the shawl, when it is done, and the alpaca fleece, when it arrives!


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