Saturday, April 15, 2006

Knitting Lace

It is not quite my usual trend, but I have 3 works in progress. This is knitting, I am talking about, of course. As far as quilting goes, works in progress are always in multiples, aren't they? Despite ones best efforts? Oh dear.

If you want the funny take on the knitting of lace ala Sally, go see Anne's Wrapped in Chains blog----link in sidebar!

I am actually quite enjoying it! The knitting of lace, I mean. Once you get over the looseness, and the messy look, it is rather fun. I don't try to knit it while there is something on the TV that I really want to see. Even though it is an easy pattern, it takes a bit more attention than that. I try to count the stitches as I complete each row, or at least every other row, to make sure I still have an even number, since that seems to be the big thing with this pattern. Fortunately, I quite often catch mistakes as I am making them, and that is a huge help!

Little sock update--it is progressing! I had finished the heel flap and had just turned the heel when Anne asked me to do the lace knitting for her. I was happy to put little sock aside and oblige her---she really doesn't ask for too much! I have everything set for picking up the gusset stitches on little sock, and when the mood strikes that can be done. Then I will be in my brief DPN stage of sock knitting. Is it weird to use circs for all but that part of the sock? I don't like using DPN's in general, but don't want to do the gusset section with circs. Go figure?

Anne's wrist warmer--which it turns out she wanted as an arm warmer, so I wasn't nearly as close to done as I thought I was--is progressing slowly. Oh well! The smell of the yarn bothers me, but fortunately there is a window of time I can knit it. For some reason, it takes a little while for the smell of the yarn to come to my notice, and even then, I have a little bit of time before it starts to bother me. So, it is handy to work on when I have just a little bit of time! It is getting there!

No spinning for a while, but I haven't given up on it. Jo let me know that Knitty had some articles on spinning, and I enjoyed reading those! I liked the one about spindles, and had to go to the site I bought mine from to find out how heavy it is. Wouldn't you know, I have a 3 oz spindle, for spinning thicker yarn. Which leads me to wonder, as I think my singles are probably a bit thinner than I should be able to get on it. Which confirms (I think?) my thought that I have way more twist than I should in my singles? Oh well...... I can already see a collection of spindles in my future, of different weights, and whatever. I do hope to soon be at a calmer stage of existence and be able to spend that 15 minutes a day spinning, that is supposed to make the difference! I am looking forward to it!


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