Saturday, April 08, 2006

Knitting, Not

This has been a lost week as far as knitting goes. And spinning. I had such high hopes for getting a lot of spinning practice done this week, and it just didn't happen. I have high hopes for next week though. I know I can't expect Franklin to kindly leave a comment to spur me on. I do still go back and look at the one he did leave now and then though!

Anne is so anxious to get a spinning wheel, I think she can taste it. I expect she will be checking eBay often, looking for superb deals. I have to admit, I think I would really love to have one too. A nice simple one, classic design, clean lines, not too fussy, etc. They are definitely out there. There are so many designs for spinning wheels, it could make your head spin. Really! I have to admit, I am not in love with the quite modern ones, that don't look like spinning wheels. Many of those have the advantage of really clean lines, and a lot of portability, but they just don't appeal to me. Go figure.

I found my modified pattern for the little socks and got it all written out in usable form the day before Anne's surgery. I had hoped to work on one of them while waiting, as it would definitely have been something I could do while she was still waiting to go back, etc. I got one cast on, but forgot how I had connected the round last time, and so connected it wrong. I then found that I was knitting it from the inside, and I tried to turn it right side out too soon. I decided it was not meant to be, tinked it back to the cast on, and put it aside. I hope to get back to it this weekend!

I was amazed that they had two of the surgical interns (residents?) knitting on Grey's Anatomy last Sunday. One was doing it well, the other not so well. But they were knitting! Hurrah!

I hope to have photos showing little sock progress soon, and more spinning progress. Jo has been corrupting me with more and more web sites that sell fiber, etc. It is possible to get spinning work or even sell one's work on eBay, etc, so perhaps it might become a cottage industry for us one of these days?


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