Monday, April 03, 2006

Slow Weekend

That was the name of the game. After actually getting things done--space for the bookcases, etc---I didn't actually get much of anything done during the weekend. I did think about spinning, but not hard enough to actually do any--especially since I would have had an observer. I found a copy of Spin Off magazine this past week, and I read a good bit of it. There was a very interesting article about teaching spinning. It was written by a woman who teaches it, and one of her students had been asked to teach a class. Part of the article dealt with her advice to the student. It was almost daunting to read this. The class wasn't to be taught till 5 months in the future, which the author thought was enough time for the student to prepare. She recommended spinning an hour a day in preparation. An hour a day! I imagine that once one is really in the spin (sorry), an hour a day is no big deal, and probably something one would do anyway. I guess part of my thought much fiber/rovings/stuff would you have to have to be able to spin for an hour, every day, for 5 months??? The mind boggles. I hope they have an inexpensive source for fiber, and I wouldn't mind if they would give a hint or two!

The magazine was quite interesting and I was glad I got it. I still have articles to read---I like to spread it out (the same applies with quilting magazines). It is no fun to read it all the way through right at the beginning. I like to take my time! It was amazing to see the number of ads for places that sell spinning wheels, and all things to do with spinning. It is definitely not a dying art any longer. The number of wheel designs are amazing too. It is possible to spend an immense amount of money on spinning, but it also sounds like spinners get an immense amount out of spinning, too. I know I always get a bit of a thrill seeing handspun yarn on blogs. It is so inspiring!

On the other hand......Anne and I saw some "yarn" at Joann's last week. We hadn't been in there in ages, and Anne needed to look for some needles---yes, there are actually some sizes she doesn't have yet! This yarn was 100% wool, a manufactured thick and thin type yarn. The thick was amazingly thick, more than 4-5 times thicker than anything Anne or I have spun. The thin was so very thin in comparison. And they wanted $9.95 or something like that, for it. With a little bit of effort, any beginning spinner could spin that roughly. I don't know that they would want to, but they might be able to! I guess it just goes to show that there is a market for almost any kind of yarn.

Anyway, talking about spinning has gotten me energized to do some more! In any case, I will definitely try not to go as long without spinning as I did this last time. Regular practice seems to be the key, and I really do want to master this!

I still haven't cast on those second socks, but I am gettng closer to it. I actually thought about it several times this weekend. Anne brought me some yarn and a circular last evening and asked me to start something for her. I have no idea what it is, but it is close to half done! I put it aside when I found a knot. I untied it just as I thought, "oh crap, I bet they tied two pieces together", and found that was exactly the case. I want to see what she wants me to do with it---I put the ends together and knit double for a tiny bit, but thought she might like a different solution better so will wait and see what she thinks before I knit any more.

Well, I think I will go spin for a bit, or maybe cast on those socks!


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