Sunday, April 09, 2006

Knitting Again!

Well, this isn't actually the first knitting since the knitting olympics, as Anne had handed me some of the bulky wool-ease and asked me to knit in rib till it was about 6 inches long. I have a good bit of that done, but had rather given it up for a few days because the smell of the yarn was giving me headaches. I really must get it done though. I think she said it was a handwarmer, and I think she was working on one too---this was all begun pre-op on the wrist. The idea was to help keep the little wrists warm on cooler days, while the arm was/is bandaged, casted, whatevered.

I got back to work on the little socks last evening, so that is my real official end to my knitting draught. I got the cast on stitches joined properly this time, and got a good bit done, while "watching" tv---I am almost half done with the heel flap. Another good bout of knitting time will finish the little dickens! These little socks are so easy to knit and take so little time. I am really glad I got back to it. It does make me wonder why it took me so long to get back to it. I guess it does show that I really do hate to do any craft on demand (as in, with any kind of deadline, as in the knitting olympics), even if it is self-imposed. I am not sure why I am that way, it is a real hinderance sometimes. The only time I haven't had a problem with this was when I knit Anne's blankie, but then I didn't initially have a time at which it needed to be done (that was supplied later on), so maybe that made the difference?

Time to go read the paper, and then I will have some knitting time!


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