Thursday, April 20, 2006

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back....

That is what this knitting of lace feels like. I guess that isn't uncommon? Or am I just a freak? It is such a simple pattern, and I actually do try to pay attention to what I am doing. I still make mistakes. I usually find that out while doing a pattern row, as I get close to the end and find I have an uneven number of stitches left. Oh dear. I do continue to put in life lines every 8 rows. I have only had to use one life line, and I think I was only about 3 rows past it when I had to use it. So, that wasn't so bad. Since then, I can usually correct things by tinking a row or two. I have never tinked as much in my life as I have tinked with this project. Not even while tinking for Anne! Just teasing!

Anyway, it is coming along, and I really am making more progress than I am tinking out! I am still enjoying the process, and I might even attempt a more difficult pattern sometime? It will definitely have to be a time when there is very little going on in our world---Anne will have to be healthy and we will have to be confident that she will continue in that state for an extended period of time, etc. I have been taking a break from the little sock, since I want to get this lace project finished for Anne. I am channeling her, you know. I am definitely trying to keep after it and make progress on it each day.

No spinning in a while, but it is a temporary lapse. I will be back to it before too long---after the lace for sure!

Pictures sometime soon, but not today......


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