Monday, May 01, 2006


It looks like we will be able to go! Yes, to Maryland, to the sheep and wool festival!!! We have heard so much talk about it, and I know we will have a great time. Anne is really looking forward to it, even more than I am. We will be the slow-moving, often sitting ones! Can't get her worn out too badly, while she is still trying to recover from the mono. If it weren't for the amount that we can learn there, and that we can take our time and go slow---we will be so overwhelmed, and already know we won't be able to see it all---AND being able to combine the trip with a visit to sister-in-law (more like a sister though!!!!) Jo, I don't know that we would have bothered going. Anne really needs a break from things right now though, and she has been wanting to go for ages now. So, we will go.

Meanwhile, the lace progresses. I think I have about 26 inches of the required 30, so it is really coming along! Anne and I stopped at Joann's today and got more pins, just in case we need them for blocking. Anne feels confident about running a string through to block (for both her scarf she needs to block, and the shawl)and using few pins. We figured, extra pins never hurt--I use this kind of pin in quilting too, so always good to have more. I will let you know how it goes! I have faith in Anne, she will tame the unruly lace!

Pictures soon, once there are more finished things to photograph, or when we get back from Maryland! Hurrah, Maryland!


At 9:24 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

Whah Hoo can't wait to see you all! eric is in the process of sending more driving instructions - he thinks mine were too wordy and not precise enough. Do tell!


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