Friday, April 28, 2006

Slack, But I Have Been Knitting!

I guess it is more than past time for a progress report?

Little sock has still been cast aside, in favor of working on the lace. Not that I don't like knitting little sock, or prefer lace. It is just that lace needs to be done sooner and there is no deadline at all for little sock. I am sure he will be patient!

The lace continues! I knit two days with no mistakes, and felt I was really on a roll. I did incautiously make comment on it, but was careful to knock on wood, etc. Alas, the wood knocking didn't work, and the very next time I knit on it, I made a mistake. However, I only had to tink a row or two, and was back on track. I do continue to put in a life line every eight rows, for safety's sake. Last time I checked, I had about 18 inches of the 30 inches required by the pattern. That was several knitting sessions ago, so perhaps I am as far as 2/3's done by now? Or even further? Neglecting to consider that it gets wider and wider, being knit from the bottom up, and it is a triangle. Oh well. The pattern is so easy though, it isn't a chore at all that it gets wider and wider, and more and more stitches. There will be a photo here at some point.

I learned a new skill! I am sure this is actually small peanuts to the rest of you, but it was big for me! I am finally nearing the end of the one ball of yarn involved in lace production. Last night I finally reached the point of having to join yarn. Anne had told me about felt joining, and I had noticed that her new book, Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle, had directions on how to do a felted join. I did it, it worked! I hope it is still working. I gave it some good tugs, as directed, and it held. I put it all aside last night, to let it dry. Not that it was really wet---it was just a little damp. But, I didn't want to mess anything up, and I really had sort of had enough knitting for the night anyway!

No spinning going on, although I would be jealous of Franklin and his lovely green yarn, if I were inclined to be jealous. I look forward to having ---some day----calm, peaceful days, with plenty of time for spinning, knitting, quilting, etc. Right! I do hope some day to have lots and lots of pretty handspun yarn to show though! Some day......


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