Sunday, May 21, 2006

Knitting Hiatus

Just for a bit, of course!

I finished the body of the shawl I have been knitting, finished it days ago. It is waiting to be blocked, before having its edging knit on. That means it is waiting on Anne. She knows how to put in string so we don't have to use a bazillion pins. She has not been greatly motivated to do that right now. She has been busy spinning on occasion (trying to recapture her spinning mojo--it is easier when you have a master spinner sitting right next to you. She is doing well though!) and knitting, and dying yarn, and all the other things she likes to do to occupy her time. But, it will get done! I think today might be the day!!!

Then I have the fun of picking up all those stitches and knitting the ruffled edging. I sure hope it doesn't take me as long as Jo's edging is taking! Heavens! I think there are only a few rows to knit on this edging, so it should be a relatively fast project. Photos later, once it is all done.

No socks. I took them to VA and MD, and never touched a needle while I was gone. I thought about it, but there was so much to see and do, that I didn't. They will get done eventually.....

I have to think about the stockings, the Christmas stockings, that really will get done this year! That will be the next project.......


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