Saturday, June 10, 2006


Voila! Bobbins and the Ashford Maintenance Kit! I pulled out one bobbin so you can see what they look like, the other 3 are exactly the same. The maintenance kit has everything one might need for the spinning wheel--new drive belt, springs, hooks, etc, and spinning wheel oil, with a nice long tiny spout! Hurrah!

The bobbins are unfinished, so Anne and I got tung oil at Walmart on Friday. Jim, from the Yarn Barn, recommended tung oil and various other similar products, for finishing the bobbins. The tung oil is pretty smelly, even through the can, so it is out in the garage and the bobbins will be dealt with out there, and left out there till dry (??), then I think I will move them to the screened porch in the back till the smell dissipates. It will be great to have them all finished and ready for use!

Not much going on. I enjoy looking at the bags of alpaca fleece. It will be so much fun to play with it! I have a feeling it will spin up really nicely. Hurrah!

Well, not much going on, so I will bring this to a close and write more another time. Oh, before I go, I finally got back to the lace, at least to the extent of "spit felting" (or in my case, "water from the sink" felting) the one end of the knitting to the yarn for the edging. I am letting it have a good drying period and hope to get the stitches picked up this evening or tomorrow. Hurrah!


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